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Care in Action Endorsed Candidates Win Big in Virginia’s Primary Elections after Early and Robust Field Operations; Signals Major Victory for Care Agenda

Lashrecse Aird comes out on top in hotly contested seat. Care in Action plans to continue progress and double down on further wins.

RICHMOND, Va. – Democratic voters elected seven of Care in Action’s endorsed candidates in  Virginia’s primary elections yesterday, ensuring pro-care, pro-worker candidates are on the ballot in November. Endorsed candidates with a primary election who won their election include: Lashrecse Aird (Senate District 13), Del. Angelia Williams Graves (Senate District 21), Adele McClure (House District 2), Katrina Callsen (House District 54), Rae Cousins (House District 79), Destiny Levere Bolling (House District 80) and Kim Yvette Sudderth (House District 92). 

So far, Care in Action has 19 endorsed candidates who will be on the ballot in November. The organization is waiting for every vote to be counted in Del. Elizabeth Guzman’s race, which has a vote margin that’s fewer than 50 votes.  

“Virginia’s voters made the right choice because they know what’s at stake in November,” said Hillary Holley, Executive Director for Care in Action. “Attempts to ban abortion, whitewash history, undo voter restoration rights and discriminate against LGBTQ individuals is the opposite side of what we believe in at Care in Action. Further, the care crisis is straining our caregivers, care workers, and families. Our fundamental rights to exist are under attack, and it’s critical for state legislatures like Virginia’s General Assembly to hold the line on democracy to ensure we don’t go backwards. 

“Electing progressive women of color into office is the best choice to keep this country moving forward,” Holley added. “Virginia’s voters made their demands clear by showing up and voting for candidates who understand the unique issues affecting residents, especially women of color. We look forward to maintaining our purposeful momentum towards November. In the meantime, we are closely following Del. Guzman’s race and will wait for every vote to be counted, respecting democracy. Care in Action entered the field early with robust operations, and we are proud of Care in Action’s 32 organizers and domestic workers who have talked to over 11,000 voters since April. We are grateful to them as they have led to this historic victory and will continue to lead us towards November.”

This year, Care in Action was the first organization to launch a 2023 electoral program in Virginia, starting in February to help elect Rep. Jennifer McClellan to Congress. The organization’s $1 million investment in Virginia includes funding for full-time staff, 20 paid organizers, and a bilingual canvassing program on the ground in three key primary election districts in Richmond and Prince William. These investments led to more than 9,000 conversations with women of color, 97% of whom are infrequent voters. 

“Several of our care champions were in tough primary races and we heavily invested in those races to ensure those candidates made it to the ballot in November,” said Yanet Limon-Amado, Virginia State Director for Care in Action. “There is a deep history of organizing power by domestic workers and today is proof that women of color are key to any electoral movement. When you invest in Black, Latino and Asian voters, we will always win.”

Care in Action’s investment in Virginia started in 2019, helping flip the General Assembly with 12 endorsements of women of color running for the Senate and House of Delegates. By 2021, the organization was successful in passing the first-ever Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights in the South.

Care in Action’s work in the primary sets the stage for the largest class of women of color legislators in Virginia history. Turning to November, the organization will continue a robust organizing program to maintain a Democratic majority in the state senate and regain the Democratic majority in the house.

Paid for by Care in Action, Inc. Authorized by Lashrecse Aird for State Senate, Angelia Williams Graves for State Senate, Elizabeth Guzman for State Senate, Adele McClure for House of Delegates, Katrina Callsen for House of Delegates, Rae Cousins for House of Delegates, Destiny Levere Bolling for House of Delegates and Kim Yvette Sudderth for House of Delegates.

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