2022 Voter Guide
2022 Voter Guide

We are proud to share Care in Action’s endorsements for candidates running for office in 2022. Learn more about the candidates below, and then browse the section on "How to Vote," so you can make a plan to vote.


U.S. Congress
  • Nikema Williams
  • Stacey Abrams
Secretary of State
  • Bee Nguyen
State House of
  • Ruwa Romman (HD4)
  • Erendira Brumley (HD51)
  • Park Cannon*^ (HD58)
  • Kim Schofield*^ (HD63)
  • Lydia Glaize (HD67)
  • Tish Naghise (HD68)
  • Sandra Scott* (HD76)
  • Attania Jean-Funny (HD78)
  • Shelly Hutchinson* (HD106)
  • Regina Lewis-Ward*^ (HD115)
  • Traci George (HD132)
  • Joyce Barlow^ (HD151)
State Senate
  • Nabilah Islam (SD7)
  • Nikki Merritt*^ (SD9)
  • Melody Bray (SD38)

* indicates incumbent
^ indicates 2020 endorsee

North Carolina

U.S. Senate
  • Cheri Beasley
U.S. Congress
  • Alma Adams (NC-12)*
  • Nida Allam (NC-04)
  • Barbara Gaskins (NC-03)
State Senate
  • Sydney Batch (SD17)*
  • Val Applewhite (SD19)
  • Natalie Murdock (SD20)*
  • Gladys Robinson (SD28)*
  • Joyce Waddell (SD40)*
State House of
  • Sharon McDonald Evans (HD8)
  • Linda Cooper-Suggs (HD24)*
  • Vernetta Alston (HD29)*
  • Rosa Gill (HD33)*
  • Maria Cervania (HD41)
  • Dr. Kimberly Hardy (HD43)
  • Dr. Frances Jackson (HD45)
  • Aminah Ghaffar (HD47)
  • Renee Price (HD50)
  • Amber Baker (HD72)*
  • Diamond Staton Williams (HD73)
  • Carla Catalán Day (HD74)
  • Carolyn Logan (HD101)*
  • Carla Cunningham (HD106)*

South Carolina

  • Mia McLeod
U.S Senate
  • Krystle Matthews
Secretary of State
  • Rosemounda Peggy Butler
State House of
  • Chandra Dillard (D23)
  • Adriene Atkinson (D25)
  • Annie E. McDaniel (D41)
  • Patricia Moore “Pat” Henegan (D54)
  • Wendy C. Brawley (D70)
  • Michelle Brandt (D114)


U.S. Senate
  • Catherine Cortez-Masto
Lieutenant Governor
  • Lisa Cano Burkhead
State House of Representatives
  • Selena Torres* (AD3)
  • Erica Mosca (AD14)
  • Brittney Miller* (AD55)
  • Rochelle Nguyen* (AD10)
  • Cecelia Gonzalez* (AD16)
  • Nnedi Stephens (SD13)
  • Cindi Rivera (AD28)
  • Angie Taylor (AD27)

Additional endorsements will be posted soon!