Contact: Christina Coleman, [email protected]

CHARLOTTE – Care in Action, the policy and advocacy home for more than 2.5 million home care workers, nannies, and house cleaners across the United States, endorsed Cheri Beasley’s campaign for the U.S. Senate today, citing her commitment to protecting voting rights and delivering results for working North Carolinians.

“North Carolina has never sent a Black woman to the U.S. Senate before. This November, we’re going to change that,” said Care in Action North Carolina Program Manager Joy Speller. “Cheri Beasley has devoted her entire life to serving others and we know that she will continue to deliver for North Carolina in the U.S. Senate. Hers will be a critical vote for protecting voting rights, growing our economy, and ensuring that every North Carolinian has an opportunity not just to get by, but to get ahead. We are proud to endorse her history-making campaign today and we look forward to knocking every door and calling every phone we can to send her to Washington this November.”

Care in Action, a 501(c)(4) organization, believes that women of color are key to progressive victories. Today’s endorsement announcement is a practice of Care in Action’s theory that electing women of color candidates will lead to policy decisions that support all families and workers, including domestic workers and immigrants. Beasley supports a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, believes all workers deserve a livable wage, and has committed to passing Federal Paid Family and Medical Leave for American families.

“This is already one of the most consequential elections of our lifetimes,” said Care in Action interim Co-Executive Director Heather Cronk. “If Republicans win control of the Senate, they will continue to roll back voting rights and stall critical legislation that can strengthen our economy and lift women of color. We can’t afford to let them do that. Care in Action is going all-in on Cheri Beasley this November because we know that when the chips are down, she will never stop fighting for the causes and concerns important to working people in North Carolina and across the United States.”

Care in Action was founded in 2016 at the request of domestic workers who knew they needed to build political power in the face of overwhelming attacks. In 2020, the domestic worker movement mobilized on a large-scale for the first time in recent memory, contacting voters 27 million times during election season and helping deliver the White House and control of the U.S. Senate to the Democratic Party. The decision to endorse Cheri Beasley today was made after extensive discussions among domestic workers in North Carolina and a meeting of Care in Action North Carolina’s Workers Committee, which voted unanimously to endorse her campaign.

Care in Action is the policy and advocacy home for women who care, working on behalf of more than two million domestic workers and care workers across America. Among the fastest-growing sectors in our economy, domestic workers are also among the most vulnerable and undervalued. As a mostly women and majority women of color workforce, this growing constituency consistently and overwhelmingly supports progressive values in American political life. Learn more at