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Despite Historical GOP Investment, Virginia Elects a Pro-Care Majority, Record Number of Women of Color to the General Assembly

Twenty-Two Care in Action endorsed candidates help secure a Democratic majority in the House and Senate

RICHMOND, Va. – Virginia’s domestic workers win big as 22 Care in Action-backed candidates are elected to the General Assembly, the largest class of women of color voted to the House of Delegates and State Senate. Black and Asian women now hold 19 seats in the House and 6 seats in the Senate — a 66% increase. 

Care in Action’s winning candidates include:  

  • Adele McClure (HD-2)
  • Atoosa Reaser (HD-27)
  • Del. Briana Sewell (HD-25)
  • Bonita Anthony (HD-92)
  • Del. Candi King (HD-23)
  • Debra Gardner (HD-76)
  • Destiny Levere Bolling (HD-80)
  • Del. Irene Shin (HD-8)
  • Del. Jackie Glass (HD-93)
  • Del. Jeion Ward (HD-87)
  • Karen Keys-Gamarra (HD-7)
  • Del. Kathy Tran (HD-18)
  • Katrina Callsen (HD-54)
  • Kelly Convirs-Fowler (HD-96)
  • Del. Marcia “Cia” Price (HD-89)
  • Del. Michelle Maldonado (HD-20)
  • Rae Cousins (HD-79Del. Angelia Williams Graves (SD-21)
  • Sen. Ghazala Hashmi (SD-15)
  • Jennifer Carroll Foy (SD-33)
  • Lachrecse Aird (SD-16)
  • Sen. Mamie Locke (SD-23)

In a race too close to call, results are still pending in the competitive election between Kimberly Pope Adams, who is also endorsed by Care in Action, and Del. Kim Taylor in HD-82. Care in Action staff will continue to monitor the race and make sure every vote is counted. 

“Our organizing team across Virginia have not just met the moment; they’ve owned it. They’ve worn out shoe leather, made over half a million calls, and forged genuine connections–all while Governor Glenn Youngkin pumped historical amounts of right-wing money into the state We’ve witnessed a movement powered by the very individuals it seeks to uplift, with over 80 canvassers, many of whom are Black and Latina domestic workers. This is personal for them. It’s personal for us. As we pause to celebrate this milestone, I want to honor the hard work and relentless spirit of all the candidates and send a special congratulations to the trailblazers heading to the General Assembly; your historic victories carve a path toward a future where our leadership reflects Virginia’s rich diversity and enduring strength,”  said Hillary Holley, Executive Director of Care in Action. 

“This cycle, we’ve seen what’s possible when you center the voices of Black and brown women—voices that have for too long been sidelined in our political discourse yet are the cornerstone of progressive change. As we look at the incoming General Assembly, with a historic number of women of color set to take office, we don’t just see a win for Care in Action. We see hope for every Virginian who believes in a government that cares, protects, and empowers its constituency. Launching the first electoral program of 2023, we channeled nearly a million dollars into Virginia to catalyze change with full-time staff, passionate domestic workers and organizers, and a groundbreaking bilingual canvassing initiative. This is how you build a movement from the ground up.”

Virginia is an important bellwether state for the 2024 Congressional and presidential elections, and this year’s races will be a roadmap for Democrats looking to win in battleground states. Domestic workers see this year’s election as an opportunity to elect more women of color in the statehouse, especially with abortion access at stake.

“This election was a referendum on our democracy and the direction of Virginia,” said Yanet Limon-Amado, Virginia State Director for Care in Action. “Voters chose to prioritize voting rights, access to reproductive health and child care, jobs that pay a living wage, and a government that stands up for families.”

“Never underestimate the power of domestic workers and what we can accomplish,” Limon-Amado added. “Our supporters spent the year talking to women of color voters and low propensity voters, as they are the key to every electoral movement. Investing in Black, Latina, Asian, and immigrant women is always a winning strategy. This election outcome proves it.”

Care in Action’s investment in Virginia started in 2019, helping flip the General Assembly with 12 endorsements of women of color running for the Senate and House of Delegates. By 2021, the organization was successful in passing the first-ever Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights in the South.

Care in Action is the policy and advocacy home for women who care, working on behalf of more than two million domestic workers and care workers across America. Among the fastest-growing sectors in our economy, domestic workers are also among the most vulnerable and undervalued. As a mostly women and majority women of color workforce, this growing constituency consistently and overwhelmingly supports progressive values in American political life. Learn more at