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Care in Action Statement on President Joe Biden’s Second State of the Union Address

WASHINGTON – Tonight, President Joe Biden delivered his second State of the Union address, where he emphasized the country’s need to strengthen our infrastructure, including within care, for the financial security of working families and the success of the nation. In tonight’s address, President Biden urged Congress and the nation to prioritize working families and provide paid family and medical leave; affordable child care; restore the Child Tax Credit; and expand home care services. Below is a statement from Care in Action. 

“In President Biden’s second State of the Union address, he demonstrated that he is listening to the majority of voters and care and domestic workers who know all too well that we must address the care crisis, and we are thrilled that he is dedicated to transforming our care infrastructure,” said Hillary Holley, Executive Director of Care in Action. ” In 2022, voters were empowered to elect leaders who will deliver on the promise of an equitable future with an economy that works for everyone – including expanding our care infrastructure. We have much work to do, and it becomes more urgent by the day as the care crisis intensifies. In 2021, we made some progress toward expanding Home- and Community-Based Services in the American Rescue Plan Act. However, this is only the start; voters are ready for leaders to enact policies that will improve our lives. We must continue our work to invest in a comprehensive care agenda that includes quality, affordable child care; paid family and medical leave; the continued expansion of home-and community-based services; living wages and good jobs for care workers. Voters want the country to address the care crisis. According to recent data from the National Database of Childcare Prices, many families across the country cannot access childcare due to increasing prices and face a caregiver turnover crisis. Over 80% of voters and business owners agree that funding for our childcare programs needs to increase, and 70% of women are more likely to vote for a candidate that supports the Care Agenda. Delivering on the promise of a stronger care infrastructure has bipartisan support. We know it. The rising cost of care is affecting families all across the nation. We are ready to take these concerns to legislators and the ballot box. We must work together to finish the job and deliver on our promises to voters and working families in the nation – care needs to win.”

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