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Care in Action Statement on Labor Day

WASHINGTON, D.C – “This Labor Day, Care in Action acknowledges the dedicated workers nationwide who are actively championing for their rights, higher wages, and improved conditions. We reaffirm our commitment to advance the livelihoods of domestic workers – who make all other work possible – and to elect care candidates who share our vision of a more just, equitable, and caring future. 

As the compass for social and political change for domestic workers and caregivers, Care in Action stands firm as an advocate for those seeking stronger protections in the workplace. We’re not just punching in and out; we’re punching through barriers forged by years of trials – a pandemic’s grasp, an attack on the essence of our democracy, and a care crisis that has kept working families struggling to live their lives with dignity and respect. 

This year’s Labor Day isn’t just a date on the calendar; it’s a memorial to all that’s possible in our country. Our message is as bold as it is undeniable: Those who power our economy weave the fabric of our society, and their worth can’t be diminished. Domestic workers, predominantly Black and brown women, were the architects of the modern labor movement and they are still leading despite being intentionally excluded from the very labor protections being celebrated today. 

Until all workers have the same protections, we must keep the truth front and center. Domestic workers have demonstrated that their collective unity has the power to transform our future – and we’ll make that clear at the polls. 

As we carry on the legacy of the 1881 Atlanta Washer Woman Strike, where the labor movement intertwined with the battle for domestic workers’ rights, we acknowledge the shoulders we stand upon. The footsteps of the March on Washington reverberate in our souls, a reminder that the fight for labor justice is intertwined with the struggle for civil rights.

This Labor Day is a summons to the ballot box, a call to make our voices echo through the corridors of power. Care in Action marches forward, not just with words, but with a movement of advocates who understand that change isn’t handed down – it’s wrested from the status quo.

We refuse to be silenced, sidelined, or overlooked. On this Labor Day, we remind the country –  we are the pulse of this nation, the backbone of its progress, and the architects of its transformation.”

Care in Action is the policy and advocacy home for women who care, working on behalf of more than two million domestic workers and care workers across America. Among the fastest-growing sectors in our economy, domestic workers are also among the most vulnerable and undervalued. As a mostly women and majority women of color workforce, this growing constituency consistently and overwhelmingly supports progressive values in American political life. Learn more at