FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Date: December 6, 2022
Summer Kim, [email protected]

Care in Action Releases Statement on Georgia Runoff Election Results

GEORGIA – This election season, we witnessed record-breaking turnouts across several battleground states through election day. In Georgia, a state critical to Care in Action’s mission, we faced yet another run-off election – the stakes were high, and timing was crucial. Care in Action reminded Georgia voters throughout this run-off election that their voices matter. Voting is a powerful tool to make a difference for our families, communities, and future. 

Care in Action Executive Director Hillary Holley issued the below statement today: 

“Care in Action congratulates Senator Raphael Warnock for his win today in Georgia. Georgians came through to elect Senator Warnock, who will champion the well-being of families and support our domestic and care workers who ensure that our homes, families, and communities can thrive,” said Hillary Holley, Executive Director. “Georgia is the birthplace of the domestic and care worker movement – the state deserves this win, and Care in Action executed a holistic year-round strategy to make it possible. Over the past year, Care in Action Georgia, and Care in Action PAC made over 3 million total direct voter contact attempts, including knocking on doors, making calls, delivering mail, and sending thousands of texts to Georgia voters, reminding them of their power and future. For both the general and runoff elections, we ran digital ads targeting voters of color – who are often left out of voter education efforts – with over 11 million impressions. We held community care events alongside our voter mobilization events to support Georgians as whole people, not just as voters, demonstrating what it means to put care in action. And we worked closely with our coalition partners to provide voters with clarity around early voting when the Secretary of State failed to do so. As a result, despite disenfranchisement, voter suppression, and voter intimidation, Georgia voters chose a leader who will support care policies and build toward a future that ensures the economic well-being of us all, not just a select few.” 

Hillary Holley is available for interviews upon request.

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