FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 21, 2023
Contact: Sheri Shannon, [email protected]

Care in Action and Virginia’s Domestic Worker Leaders Celebrate Jennifer McClellan’s Historic Win to Congress

RICHMOND, Va. – Care in Action celebrates endorsed candidate Sen. Jennifer McClellan’s historic win tonight, becoming the first Black woman elected to represent Virginia in the U.S. Congress. McClellan is the lead sponsor in the Senate for the Virginia Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, and comes from a family of domestic workers herself. 

“We are thrilled to witness Sen. Jennifer McClellan’s ascent to higher office as Virginia’s newest Congresswoman and first Black woman to ever hold this office in Virginia’s history,” said Hillary Holley, Executive Director of Care in Action. “Senator McClellan has once again paved another path for Black girls and Black women to thrive, the same way she created a blueprint for other Southern states to pass a Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights.” 

“This is a watershed moment for me — the proud daughter of a domestic worker — to have my Congressional representative also be the daughter and granddaughter of domestic workers,” said Yanet Limon-Amado, Virginia State Director of Care in Action. “She has made the care agenda a focal point in how she legislates and has stood beside the 60,000 house cleaners, nannies and caregivers throughout Virginia. Because she fights for women of color in her policy making, political leadership and in the community, I know she will keep fighting for us on Capitol Hill.”

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